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You Need to Tell the FDA About CBD. Here’s how.

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The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is holding hearings on CBD. You need to tell them about CBD. Here’s why. Their rulings, when delivered, will impact every aspect of CBD. Last week they heard oral comments from CBD industry stakeholders, consumers, and members of the medical profession. Now it’s time to hear from you (and me).

This is a major tipping point for the CBD industry. The FDA has never had to rule on a substance that is both a “drug” or medicine and also a food supplement. They need guidance from real people who have real experience with it. They want your thoughts on labeling, testing, effectiveness, and safety of CBD. That’s why you need to tell the FDA about CBD. Your comments are needed by July 2nd and has made it easy to add your comments. They have tips and guidance available to help. Just click the link below to get there.

Given the enormous public interest in cannabis and the huge demand for CBD products, the FDA says they’re willing to listen to you about CBD. So, tell them your story. Write about how CBD has helped (or not helped) you and your family (including your dog!). If you’ve researched how cannabis and CBD can impact a particular medical condition, share the data with the FDA. If you are involved in manufacturing hemp or cannabis products, tell the FDA how that’s working in your state. […]

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Will you take the time to tell the FDA about CBD and cannabis? What can you do to get the word out? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts. Email us by clicking right here. Or, use our handy Contact Form below.

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