With Precision Dosing Cannabis Will Become Like Coffee

Micro-Dosing Cannabis Will Become Like Drinking Coffee

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The future of cannabis is being written right now. The innovations in research, products, varietals, packaging, and use are happening at an astounding rate. That’s a good thing. It means there is wide-spread acceptance and use of cannabis and that it’s here to stay.

But, what does that mean for cannabis consumers? Well, for one, it means access to better and more personalized product choices and one of the trends we’re seeing is in the area of micro-dosing or precision dosing of cannabis for your individual needs or desires. Precision dosing is the art and science of using smaller doses of cannabis or cannabis-infused products to achieve an effect that generally falls short of being really “stoned”.

As the future of cannabis continues to unfold, precision dosing your cannabis will likely resemble placing your favorite coffee order at Starbucks. You’ll decide the effect you want and consume a product that delivers said effect. Read more about precision dosing by clicking the link below.

Cannabis will be a part of everyday life — a common and routine presence. At work, at home, at play and at rest. Not just for unwinding at home after the big presentation, but at work before the big presentation. Not for the evening after the kids are finally down, but before sitting down for family dinner. Not just for fun occasionally, but for better living everyday. […]

Have you tried precision or micro-dosing cannabis? Do you like the idea of knowing what the effect of a micro-dosed cannabis product will be for you? What concerns do you have if any? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts or story with us here. Or use the Contact Form or comments section below.

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