Why Isn’t CBD Legal Yet?

Why Isn’t CBD Legal Yet?

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Wait. What? Is CBD not legal? Or is it? How can CBD be available in all 50 states? What’s the issue? These are good questions. The major sticking point right now seems to be the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. But, there are other government agencies standing in the way of full, nationwide legalization of CBD and CBD-infused products. Rolling Stone breaks it all down for you.

The Farm Bill legalized hemp and its derivatives, so why are state and local governments cracking down on its sale? The nation is going through a marijuana revolution, but officials throughout the federal government continue to live in the prohibitionist, anti-drug eras of ages past. […]

Do you use CBD or CBD-infused products? Does it concern you that it’s technically not legal on a federal level, for use in edible products? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts in the Comments section (site registration required) or email us at: info@cannabisirl.com

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