Why I'm Done Being Ashamed Of Using Medical Marijuana To Treat My Chronic Pain

Why I’m Done Being Ashamed of Using Medical Cannabis to Treat My Chronic Pain

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At Cannabis In Real Life, we appreciate real people sharing their real stories from their real lives. It’s sad, yet understandable why many people are still afraid to admit and talk about their cannabis use. But maybe it’s time for more people to stand up. Are you ready? Share your story with us. Our email address is below.

Confession: I finally found medicine that helps provide relief for my chronic nerve pain — and it’s medical marijuana. But, at least until right now, I’ve been too ashamed to admit using it.

I’m a product of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign and a child of the “War on Drugs”; therefore, I’ve always associated marijuana with engaging in high-risk behavior, and even after its legalization in many states, considered using it a big no-no. […]

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