What Do Women Want in Cannabis?

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Women make 1/3 of all cannabis purchases and while they don’t traditionally consume as much as men, they are one of the most important consumer groups in the cannabis space. That’s because women often are not just making purchasing decisions for themselves, but also for their families. That includes spouses, partners, children (medicinally), their own and their partners parents too. Read on at the link below to see what women are buying and how they’re buying cannabis.

Many aspects influence a customer’s decision making, and one of those factors is gender. Decades worth of scientific research shows observable differences in how men and women behave as shoppers, each with their own motives, preferences, rationales and considerations. ‍ These gender differences extend to how men and women […]

Are you a woman cannabis consumer? What do you prefer to purchase? We’d like to hear about your Cannabis In Real Life experiences in the comments or you can email us your thoughts to: info@cannabisirl.com and we may publish your story!

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