‘Weed the People:’ Marijuana for Those Who Need It Most

Required Viewing:‘Weed the People’- It’s About the Kids

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“Weed the People” is the type of film that, if you watch it and don’t feel anything, you are likely a monster or possibly dead inside. This documentary film is available on popular streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, iTunes and more so there really is no excuse to not watch it.

The film follows several families as they fight for the lives of their children; overcoming every obstacle in their way in order to get their kids access to cannabis. It is a truly emotional and educational film that should be required viewing for every lawmaker stands in the way of access to cannabis.

This documentary can serve two very different but important purposes. For people who are already aware and convinced of cannabis’ power to heal, this film will bolster your confidence in what you may already know and believe. For others who have yet to be convinced of how weed can help improve the lives of patients, this will be an informative and eye-opening look at not only how there’s more to marijuana than getting high, but also how the government has meticulously kept cannabis away from those who need it most. […]

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