Study: Cannabis Use May Protect Your Liver From the Effects of Hard Drinking

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Heavy use of cannabis appears to lower the risk of various liver diseases in heavy drinkers. While there needs to be a lot more research in this area, there are several studies that seem to indicate that this is the case. No one is recommending that you drink heavily and then consume a lot of cannabis to counter the effects on your liver but, this is an interesting discovery. Read on after the link below to learn more.

This was a population-based correlation study, so it’s too early to draw strict conclusions. However, it’s consistent with another paper published in October, which looked at more than 8,200 patient records and found that the “lowest prevalence of [non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] was noted in current heavy users of marijuana.” (Some of the participants in this study did drink, but the data was adjusted to account for that.) They also found that cannabis users had worse diets than non-smokers—they consumed more calories, soda, and alcohol—yet they were less likely to be obese. […]

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