Washington DC: Cannabis is Free but Stickers Cost $80

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Adult-use cannabis has been legal in our nation’s capital for 5 years but how does one acquire it there? Well, that’s where things get pretty weird, pretty fast. It’s not that you can’t find cannabis in Washington DC- there are plenty of people willing to supply it for your consumption- it’s just that you have to buy stickers or gum to get it because you can’t technically purchase cannabis. You can give it away, but you can’t technically exchange money for it. Weird, right? To learn more, click the link below.

As one weed delivery service notes: “Everything is strictly Initiative 71 compliant, meaning ALL MARIJUANA COMES FOR FREE. The only thing we sell are stickers and vintage baseball cards.” You have to pay for the vintage baseball cards (or a drawstring backpack or cold-press juice), but there’s no charge for the dope.A single sticker might cost $80. Other providers use a giveaway system, where customers “donate” a certain amount of money and then select free “prizes,” such as “Yummy Gummy Incredible Edibles” or “Jaeger Pine 5-Star Flowers.”[…]

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