University of Washington Announces Study of Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

U of Washington Announces Study of Cannabis Use During Pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers, it’s believed by most doctors, should abstain from drinking alcohol while pregnant. There is a body of research that points to the harmful impact it can have on an infant. Cannabis is an altogether different substance, yet doctors generally would urge the same cautious approach should be taken. But, there is little research on cannabis and its effects on infants. That’s where the University of Washington comes in. They are seeking pregnant, cannabis-using women for a new study.

The study will track participants cannabis use from the first trimester of pregnancy through birth. Then, when infants reach six months old, researchers will conduct a brain scan to identify any effects of cannabis exposure.

Throughout their pregnancy, participants will report their weekly cannabis consumption. They can only obtain cannabis from licensed sellers and must send photos of product packaging so researchers can record THC and CBD quantities. Researchers are particularly keen to learn how CBD’s therapeutic properties help reduce pregnancy symptoms like pain and nausea.[…]

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