U.S. cities where recreational cannabis is legal see significant rise in home values

U.S. Cities Where Cannabis is Legal See Significant Rise in Home Values

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NIMBYs’ (Not In My Back Yard) opinions that legal adult-use cannabis will detroy their property values are just not justified. In fact, the opposite is true. In a recent study using Zillow sales data, it was revealed that property values increased on average by $6,337 per home. Homes with easy access to cannabis retail stores (dispensaries) saw an even bigger leap in value. They gained an average of $22,888 per home from 2014 to now.

The first two states to legalize recreational cannabis, Colorado and Washington, enjoyed the biggest increases of all since changing legislation to allow adult use cannabis sales and consumption in 2012. Denver, in particular, has seen a significant boost.[…]

Do you live in a state where adult-use cannabis is legal? Have you seen a change in property values? How do you feel about having a dispensary in your neighborhood? Share your Cannabis In Real Life opinions. Email us at: info@cannabisirl.com.

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