Trading Anti-Anxiety Meds in for Cannabis

Trading Anti-Anxiety Meds in for Cannabis

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Anxiety impacts nearly everyone from time to time and severe anxiety is a condition that can lead to other health issues and limit a person’s ability to function normally in life. Yet, anxiety is not a “qualifying condition” in most states that have medical cannabis regulations on the books. This despite the fact that data is showing people are using cannabis and skipping their meds to successfully treat anxiety.

I used to have multiple full-blown panic attacks a day, and now I have two or three a month,” she says. Her day-to-day anxiety levels and general “sense of doom” have been also been reduced, she says.

In the past, Ratliff tried the popular antidepressants Zoloft and Paxil, neither of which worked for her. “Zoloft made me sleep 18 hours a day and Paxil brought my blood pressure down to 70/50,” she says. The side effects weren’t worth it, as she was still having multiple panic attacks daily and frequently experiencing “nervous stomach.” In comparison, the main side effect she notices from cannabis is dry mouth.[…]

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