Doctor Helps Seniors Have ‘The Talk’ With Their Kids About Cannabis

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Did your parents have “the talk” with you? No, not that talk. We’re talking about the conversation about using cannabis. If they haven’t yet, they may still want to sit you down and tell you about it. But, it might not be what you expect. It turns out a lot of senior citizens are sitting down their adult children and telling them that mom & dad are partaking in cannabis and that it’s awesome. A doctor in Philadelphia reports more and more seniors are coming to him for advice about how to break it to their kids that they are now cannabis consumers.

“I see it from the other end,” Greis said. “I see mostly older patients with an average age of 65, and they’re the ones asking me about medical marijuana recommendations. Now they’re the ones telling their children.”  […]

Are you a senior who’s kids don’t know you use cannabis? Are you planning on having “the talk”? Or, do you think your parents are keeping their cannabis use a secret? Share your Cannabis In Real Life story with us in the Contact Form below or email it to us at:

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