This $5.5m cannabis tampon startup proves Europe’s CBD market is flying high

CBD Tampon Business Launches in Europe

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A London-based business, Daye, has raised $5.5 million to launch their line of tampons with CBD that they say can relieve menstrual stress. Another London-based company, OHNE, already sells an organic tampon and now has launched a CBD oil line that can be infused into their brand. These are just an example of the innovation at work within the CBD and cannabis industry in Europe. As consumer acceptance for these products grows, more business opportunities will emerge that will boost the economy and improve the health and wellness of those who choose to use these products.

“CBD oil helps my body relax, specifically relaxing the cramping muscles and allows me to feel calm rather than really stressed whilst the cramps are hitting hard,” OHNE founder Nikki Michelsen tells Sifted. “We won’t be stopping there.”[…]

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