The World Health Organization Is Changing Its Rules on Cannabis; Here’s When the U.S. Will Too

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The world is changing and that is a good thing for cannabis users. Specifically, the World Health Organization (WHO) is changing their views on cannabis. They are also being joined by the European Union (EU) in saying that cannabis is actually “beneficial” in use for medical treatments. So, when will the US government change their view?

For 60 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) said cannabis should not be used as a medicine. But now, the WHO is on the verge of downgrading its restrictions on cannabis. The organization is now endorsing cannabis use for medical treatments, calling it “beneficial,” and completely ending restrictions on […]

What do you think about about the WHO and EU finally endorsing cannabis for medical use? Does it change your opinion of cannabis? When do you think it will be legal for adults in the US and Europe? Share your Cannabis In Real Life story in the comments section or email us at:

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