Want To Help Your Dr. Learn About Cannabis? Share This: The Medical Marijuana Issue

It might come as a surprise to some that most doctors have little or no formal education or medical training regarding cannabis, the endocannabioid system, or proper dosing. This site talks to doctors and offers advice to them. By sharing it with your doctor, you might get the conversation started and help them to help you.

A primer on the terminology and current legality of medical marijuana. The Terminology: The chemical complexity of cannabis has been difficult to track. Cannabis is the genus name for a disputed number of plant species. Hemp and marijuana are two different species of the Cannabis genus of plants. The two species differ not only in appearance but also in levels […]

Have you discussed cannabis use with your doctor? How did it go? Do you feel your physician had enough knowledge about cannabis to help you? Share your Cannabis In Real Life experience with us. You can use the Contact Form or email us your story.

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