The Future of Cannabis: Trends to Watch Out For

Top 5 Cannabis Trends to Watch

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Cannabis continues its march to legitimacy around the world. Access to it means more opportunities for industry, consumers, and society. Trends within the world of cannabis are emerging that, to some, seem surprising and to others seem like a natural progression. Here is High Times’ look at the top 5 trends they see for the future of cannabis. (Click the link below)

Certain trends bear closer examination. Men use at nearly twice the rate as women (11.7 percent versus 6.7 percent), but since 2009 women’s usage rates have risen faster, whether due to female-focused products, services and marketing, or growing science about cannabis’s efficacy for women’s medical conditions. Meanwhile, use among full-time workers reflects broader cultural acceptance along with changes in workplace policies (such as phasing out pre-employment drug screenings). Among things to expect: […]

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