FDA Asked for Your Opinion on CBD- Here’s What You Said (So Far)

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The FDA last month, asked for the public’s opinion on CBD. So far only about 450 people have responded. There is still time for you to weigh-in with your thoughts, opinions, or personal experience. This is important because it will be used in the process of determining how to best regulate CBD processing, sales, potency, and claims.
You can share your comments on CBD to the FDA through July 2 through a submission form on the Federal Register.

Americans covered a wide array of subjects in their comments to the FDA. Rather than adhering to the FDA’s guidelines, many simply shared personal experiences with CBD, with most expressing satisfaction of its natural effects.

Alexander Adams, who said he is an army veteran, commented, “I think this is a fantastic idea to look into CBD products I am a huge advocate for cannabis legalization I know from first-hand experience the amazing positive effects that CBD and cannabis can have on a person.”

Kendall Topalof pushed for continued research and ensuring availability, adding, “Cannabis, especially the compound of CBD, which is in question, is a benefit to our wellbeing as users of this product. There is limited to no evidence that would say otherwise.”[…]

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