The Best Cannabis Cookbooks for Budding Chefs

The 7 Best Cannabis Cookbooks for Budding Chefs

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If you haven’t tried cooking with cannabis, you’re missing out on an elegant and tasty way to enjoy cannabis and the effects it can offer. There are a lot of really great chefs who are writing delicious recipes for cannabis cookbooks and takes a look at the 7 best.

As always, remember that eating cannabis or cannabis-infused food has a delayed effect. Remember “low and slow” as you begin to experiment with cooking with cannabis and of course, only serve cannabis-infused food to adults with their knowledge and consent regarding what they’re consuming.

It’s time to learn how to cook munchies that will give you the munchies. (Insert Bill and Ted laugh here.) Learning the art of cooking with marijuana involves more than making pot brownies — it’s a precious skill. Like any other ingredient, cannabis can elevate the taste profile of […]

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