Report: THC in the Bloodstream Doesn’t Mean You’re High

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As Michigan rolls out their legal adult use cannabis program they are looking at all aspects of cannabis and its impact on society and industry. One report looks at drug testing and what it means to test positive for THC in your blood. Is it really something that should be a fire-able offense or is it just a way of segmenting and labeling a a group of people as “undesireable”? Read on for more about this report.

So why should testing positive for marijuana still get you fired? “This is more of a societal and overall policy issue for these employers. They can keep being strict about this, but that would preclude about a quarter of the workforce. I just think marijuana users tend to be […]

What do you think about testing for THC in your bloodstream? Should it be a fireable offense or prevent employment? Is it an offense at all? Where or how do you draw the line on impairment for work? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts. Share by email here. Or, use the Contact Form below.

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