Synthetic CBD proves to be cheaper, and just as effective, as its cannabis-derived cousin

Chemists Create Synthetic CBD- Claim it’s as Effective and Less Expensive

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Chemists at the University of California, Davis have demonstrated that CBD can be created synthetically in the laboratory. This new synthetic compound, 8,9-Dihydrocannabidiol (H2CBD), doesn’t contain any THC and the chemists believe it will be faster and less expensive to produce because it will eliminate the need to grow labor-intensive hemp to create it.

Since H2CBD is created in the lab without using a plant and without THC, it would not be considered illegal by the federal government. So far H2CBD has only been tested on rats and much more work needs to be done before it could become available to the public. Read more about this in the journal Scientific Reports

“It’s a much safer drug than CBD, with no abuse potential and doesn’t require the cultivation of hemp,” said Mark Mascal, professor in the UC Davis Department of Chemistry. Mascal’s laboratory at UC Davis carried out the work in collaboration with researchers at the University of Reading, U.K.[…]

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