Move Over CBD: Studies Show THC is the Star of Medical Cannabis

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CBD is wildly popular, and for good reason. It’s working wonders for millions of people who use it for aches and pains, stress relief, skin care and more. Meanwhile, its famous (or infamous) fellow cannabis constituent, THC, gets relegated to the status of “the part that gets you high”. Well, that description really doesn’t do justice to THC. It is important in the role of truly effective medical cannabis. The correct ratio of THC to CBD is very important when dialing in the correct dosage for many patients looking to cure or fight cancer, stop seizures, prevent migraines, or provide restful sleep.

The surprising part was that patients with higher THC level experienced the most relief- which contradicts the case of CBD. Co-author Jacob Miguel, Ph.D. says, “our study showed that CBD has a really minimal effect, but THC surprised us with its highly measurable improvements.” […]

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