Some Christians Are Turning Over a New Leaf with CBD

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Many Christians are shunning CBD due to their (or their church’s) view that it’s illegal and immoral because technically it’s cannabis. But more and more Christians are beginning to turn to CBD for relief of pain, reduction of seizures, elimination of anxiety, or any number of other reasons.

For some, they do this against the wishes of their church. For others, their church may actually be embracing CBD as an alternative to opioids or ineffective treatments from other pharmaceuticals. A Christian doctor is trying to demonstrate to Christians that there’s nothing wrong with using CBD. His story after the link below.

Mandy Van Schyndel remembers May 16, 2018, as the day her daughter Emma laughed for the first time. A remarkable milestone for an 18-month-old who started her life on hospice at the Mayo Clinic, not expected to survive. […]

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