Recent Research Bolsters the Case That Cannabis Benefits Seniors

Research: Cannabis Benefits Senior Citizens

Seniors and baby boomers are a fast-growing segment of cannabis consumers. While many are coming back to re-visit something they enjoyed in their youth, many others have turned to cannabis because of health and wellness reasons. But, is cannabis really

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Cannabis Is Helping Arthritis Sufferers

by Dan Larkin. Cannabis is helping arthritis sufferers. And not just by reducing the pain associated with it. In fact, people diagnosed with arthritis are also turning to cannabis to help deal with depression. The depression is a result of

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THC Make You Paranoid? This Will Help.

by Dan Larkin. Does too much THC make you paranoid? Anxious? Maybe freaking you out a bit? It can happen to anyone. Just remember, you're not going to die. If it's happened to you and you want to block that

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Jadyn’s Journey: The Story of Journey Organics

by Dan Larkin. I hope you'll watch "Jadyn's Journey: The Story of Journey Organics". It's the story of the Kietzers. They're a small-town Minnesota farm family. A family who faced their daughter's complex medical conditions head-on. They did it with

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