Australia Legalizes Cannabis In Its Capital.

by Dan Larkin. In a historic move, Australia legalizes cannabis in its capital city, Canberra, and the surrounding territory. The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) voted it in on Wed., 9/25/19. Here's where you'll find Canberra and the ACT if you're

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SC Hemp Farmer Arrested, Crop Destroyed.

by Dan Larkin. A South Carolina hemp farmer has been arrested and his hemp crop destroyed. The reason why will blow your mind. On September 19th, John Pendarvis' hemp farm was mowed down outside of Harleyville, SC and he was

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humbolt county cannabis or tomatoes

Humboldt County Can’t Tell Tomatoes From Cannabis

by Dan Larkin You say tomatoes, Humboldt County says cannabis. Then they call the whole thing off. This is a cautionary tale of innocent, hardworking farmers facing fines from high-tech satellite-wielding county bureaucrats in California's fertile Emerald Triangle. Humboldt County

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Congress Votes To Protect Legal Cannabis

The US Congress voted to protect legal cannabis at the state level. This is absolutely a big deal and here's why. First, let's look at exactly what took place. On Thursday, 6/20, The US House of Representatives voted 267-165, along

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Your Brain On Weed: Concussions And Cannabis

What You Need to Know About Concussions And Cannabis

The latest research from the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute indicates that cannabis can help treat concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, including strokes and diseases. The research results were presented by Dr. Ethan Russo at the 2019 Cultivation Classic.

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