Review: “The Medical Cannabis Primer”- The Guide We All Need to Read.

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A Cannabis In Real Life Review by Dan Larkin

Getting clear, concise, and easy to understand information about cannabis is tough. There are lots of resources but which ones can you trust? How can you be sure the information isn’t biased? How are you supposed to even understand all the terminology and science? Is it even legal?

All of this becomes doubly important if you’re researching medical cannabis as an alternative to conventional treatments or pharmaceuticals. You or someone you love may have recently been diagnosed with cancer, epilepsy, autism, MS, or PTSD. You may have been dealing with chronic pain. Whatever your personal reason, you deserve access to clear, concise information about medical cannabis

That’s where “The Medical Cannabis Primer” by Ruth D. Fisher, Ph.D. and edited & designed by her brother, A. Arthur Fisher, comes in. They’ve assembled a comprehensive, easy to read compendium of cannabis knowledge that’s full of unbiased information and easy to understand charts, graphs, and images.

Each cannabis plant is a complex composite of almost 500 different compounds.
Section 2; page 34 of “The Medical Cannabis Primer”

“The Medical Cannabis Primer” should be in your home, in libraries, and in medical facilities across the country. In fact, it should be required reading for students in high school and college.

This primer makes it easy for “newbies” to educate themselves about medical cannabis products before they ever walk into a dispensary. For instance; maybe you don’t know the difference between shatter and wax. They’ve got a table for that. (below)

Even if you’ve been around cannabis for a long time and consider yourself an expert on the subject, you’re still likely to pick up some new facts or information that will come in handy when you’re discussing the benefits of medical cannabis with your friends and colleagues.

If you’re ready to become empowered through knowledge about cannabis, medical cannabis, and the industry as a whole, then you’re ready for “The Medical Cannabis Primer”.

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