Q&A: How one parent de-stigmatizes cannabis at home

Q&A: How One Parent De-Stigmatizes Cannabis at Home

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Being a parent who is also a cannabis consumer can be challenging. If you live where cannabis is legal for adults it may have some of the stigma removed, but how do parents talk to their children about it? How do they model responsible behavior? Read the interview with a woman who’s trying to help parents navigate this topic. (Click the link)

We talk about cannabis as a supplement, we talk about it as a vitamin and we talk about it as medicine. We do not talk about alcohol in that way. We talk about alcohol as an intoxicant that’s intentionally used to take the edge off and my son has seen, unfortunately, we’ve all seen, some incidents where there was too much alcohol involved and things go wrong, so we definitely do not frame them in the same way.[…]

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