PTSD, Veterans And Suicide: Action Is Needed, And Cannabis May Help

PTSD and Suicide: Veterans Know Cannabis Could Help

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Mychol Robirds and Jose Belen are US military veterans and advocates for cannabis. They know personally, the toll PTSD can take on a veteran and they’re willing to share their personal struggles with PTSD and thoughts of suicide, in order to educate others about the benefits of cannabis.

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After failing to somewhat restore their lives using VA-prescribed medication and treatment, both Robirds and Belén said they turned to self-medicating with cannabis. Even though the plant did not completely cure their conditions, both said the improvement was very noticeable.

In Robird’s case, he said cannabis helped him restore sleep and removed the dreams that had terrorized him for years.

Cannabis allowed Belén to “function and have emotions again,” he said. 

“It allowed me to be the husband my wife deserves and the father my children deserve to have.” […]

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