Study: CBD May Help Combat Alcoholism

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On the heels of reports that cannabis is apparently not slowing opioid deaths at the rate once believed, comes some encouraging news. CBD (cannabidiol), may help combat alcoholism.

Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in the U.S. According to a 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 16.7 million Americans over 12 years of age were heavy alcohol drinkers. That’s over 6% of the population. For purposes of the study, heavy drinking was defined as having 5 or more drinks, 5 or more times a month.

But there is encouraging news coming from the analysis of scientific research spanning from 1974-2018 that showed in laboratory animals, CBD reduced the urge for alcohol, reduced alcohol intake, and provided relief from anxiety which can often trigger drinking in alcoholics. CBD also reduced impulsivity. Other benefits of CBD; it appears to protect the liver and parts of the brain from damage associated with heavy drinking. Read on after the link below for more information about this news.

So if evidence of CBD’s promise as a treatment for both alcoholism and its consequences has been around since 1974, why didn’t anyone follow up on this research with human studies?

Why indeed. It’s because the folks who brought you the war on drugs, guys like former Drug Czar William Bennett and former Senator/Vice President Joe Biden, managed to get all research on marijuana outlawed.

Currently some 88,000 Americans die of alcohol-related causes annually — more than are killed annually by opioids. Since 1974, more than 2 million have died. […]

What do you make of the fact that research showing CBD’s ability to combat alcoholism has been around since the ’70s? Do you have personal experience you could share regarding your own use of CBD to reduce alcohol use or abuse? Share your Cannabis In Real Life story with us here. Or, use our Contact or Comments section below.

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