Pot Industry Proves Golden in Jenny Gold's Fight Against Lyme Disease

Cannabis Helps Jenny’s Fight Against Lyme Disease

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Jenny Gold was stricken with Lyme disease over 20 years ago when she was likely bitten by a tick while vacationing in Mexico. SInce that time she has seen her life change dramatically. She never know when sypmtoms of the disease will flare up and the pain from it can be unbearable. Some people with Lyme disease have died from heart problems and others have died from suicide. But Jenny is fighting it. You might say she’s getting by with a little help from her friends…and cannabis.

A marketer by trade, Gold had started taking on cannabis clients in 2014, and they began suggesting other treatment options. After she tried a THC-infused hard candy at a work event, her friends noticed a pep in her step, and she now uses them and CBD products for occasional relief. But cannabis edibles can’t cure Lyme disease: […]

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