Playboy Model’s Brain Cancer Cured by Cannabis

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by Dan Larkin

A Playboy model’s brain cancer is being cured by cannabis. That’s the claim being made by Kerri Parker. She’s a former Miss United Kingdom who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. At that time she underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor. That surgery was credited with saving her life.

Playboy model’s brain cancer returns.

Unfortunately, in September of 2018, her doctors discovered that the brain cancer had returned. Kerri is convinced she’s going to beat it. She’s a fighter. In fact, she holds a black belt in martial arts and is a trained stunt person. So you know she’s tough.

Kerri Parker has a black belt in martial arts. (source: @kerriparkerstunts-Instagram)

Ms. Parker has declined doctors’ chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Instead, she’s using cannabis oil and changing her diet. And, she says the results are positive.

Originally, the cancer was found in three-quarters of her brain but cannabis oil treatments and an improved diet have shrunk it to only half of her brain.

“If I can shrink half my brain of cancer, I’ll shrink the other half. I’ll shrink it down so there’s not a single cell left that can ever replicate.” 

Kerri Parker

In fact, Parker, who’s 34, thinks she’ll completely beat her cancer and be disease-free within the next three months. All of this is remarkable because doctors in the U. S. told her she should be having seizures because of the brain cancer. Those same doctors credit medical cannabis with preventing those seizures.

Kerri Parker says these CT scans show how much the tumor has shrunk. The “before” images are on the left. (source: @kerriparkerstunts-Instagram)

“Specialists in America are telling me it’s shrunk. The reality is, I just cured terminal cancer, I’m actually going to give myself a life.”

Kerri Parker

Playboy model’s cannabis “side benefits.”

There have been some side benefits to the medical cannabis treatment too. Parker said that she’s now better at math. She also has a much deeper appreciation and connection to music and a love of art.

Parker has won the Miss UK title several times during the last ten years. She was also crowned Miss Europe earlier this year. And, she’s competing to in the Bahamas next month to become Ms. World. All in all, you have to agree, it does sound like she is benefiting from her cannabis treatments.

Kerri Parker Miss UK
Kerri Parker continues to compete in international pageants.
(source: @kerriparkerstunts-Instagram)

“It’s disgusting that they’re keeping it (cannabis) from people over here, I’ve lost people to cancer and I didn’t need to.”

Kerri Parker

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Original story from the Mirror available here.

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