“Pick Your Own” Hemp Farms Are Here

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by Dan Larkin.

Note: This article has been edited to reflect additional information supplied by Ben Marcus of Sheepscot General Farm

“Pick your own” hemp farms are here! To heck with “pick your own” pumpkins, apples, and strawberries! Those are all fine crops and are even delicious. And yes, you could even argue that they are all good for you. But they aren’t hemp.

Hemp is the uber plant. Seriously, it’s food, it’s clothing, it’s medicine, it’s construction material, and it’s yours to pick at a farm in Maine.

Now Maine residents will be eschewing “pick your own” lobster restaurants, shops, and drug stores. (Yes, some Maine drug stores actually have live lobster tanks.) Instead, they’ll be heading to a hemp farm to select a hemp plant, much like one might select a Christmas tree.

Where is this “pick your own” hemp farm?

Sheepscot General Farms is near Whitfield, ME. It’s an organic farm that includes 3 acres of hemp. (They planted some 7,000 plants to start.) Their “U-Pick It” hemp plant extravaganza will kick off on Wed., September 25th.

Sheepcot General Farms crew. Source: sheepscotgeneral.com

While they’ll be harvesting most of their hemp plants themselves, they will have plenty for the “budding” hemp connoisseur to chose from too.

The farm managers, Ben and Taryn Marcus, are charging $25 per pound for a whole hemp plant or $35 per lb. if you insist on picking branches. Ben says the plants are “robust, disease-free, and weigh anywhere from 5-15 lbs.”

If you’re wondering what strains are available you’ll be happy to know they have four to choose from. They are Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, and Suver Haze.

“We think most will make into their own tincture or salve plus there is a growing trend of just freezing a using fresh in food or tea to get CBD-A.”

Taryn Marcus- Sheepscot General Farms

I know what you’re thinking.

Now, I know cannabis enthusiasts are all thinking the same thing, “I wish they had “pick your own” marijuana farms, not just hemp.” But, baby steps, right? This is the starting point, not the finish line. Some day, in the not too distant future, you’ll probably be visiting a cannabis farm and picking out a full-grown tree of your favorite sativa, indica, or hybrid strain. But for now, let’s applaud this step.

Oh, and you may be wondering, so you should know that the hemp plants that you pick at Sheepscot General Farms will be certified legal. In other words, they’ve tested at less than .30% THC. So, yeah, no, you’re not getting high from these plants.


So, if you find yourself in Maine next week and you can get to the Sheepscot General Farms location, maybe swing in and pick out a hemp plant of your own. Then, maybe pick up a lobster on your way home and cook it up with some “you pick it” hemp-infused butter. Sounds delicious!

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