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Perfume Makers Say Cannabis Makes Scents

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by Dan Larkin.

Perfume makers say that cannabis makes “scents” (sense…get it?) for today’s new normal. They’re making scents by mimicking cannabis. In some cases, they’re using cannabis oil (CBD). Oh, and they’re charging a pretty penny for it too. You could even say cannabis perfume makes “cents”.

If you’ve been around as long as I have, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort trying to hide or mask the smell of cannabis. Now, amazingly, it’s a sought-after scent to be worn with pride. Oh, the times they are a-changing.

Let’s check out these products and see if they pass the “smell test”. We can’t actually smell them in this story but use your imagination.

Who’s making scents from cannabis?

I was surprised to learn that packaged cannabis scents have been around since 2006. That’s when Demeter’s Cannabis Flower started selling. It currently goes for about $36 retail. It has a “skunky cannabis smell”.

Demeter’s Cannabis Flower, released in 2006. 
Source: Demeter Fragrance

“It’s the true cannabis smell modified enough, so it was wearable. I didn’t want you to get pulled over for driving under the influence while wearing my cologne.”

Mark Crames, chief executive officer of Demeter Fragrance Library

Women under the age of 35 are the biggest customers right now. It’s designed to be a gender-neutral scent. It’s available in over 100 stores nationwide.

How about a CBD cannabis scent?

There’s even a company making a unisex scent called Dirty Grass. It’s made with actual hemp-derived CBD oil and sells for $185 for a 50 ml. bottle.

Heretic Dirty Grass brings to mind the scent of freshly cut grass. 
Source: Heretic 

The scent of Dirty Grass is said to be reminiscent of fresh-cut grass with notes of “pink pepper and lemongrass”. It’s not for sale in South Dakota, Nebraska, or Idaho. Those states still think you can get high from CBD. Oh, and you also have to be 21 to buy it, naturally.

One other “highly” recommended scent is Cannabis Santal. It retails for $50 for a 30 ml. bottle. It’s a “leafy, vibrant green that mellows out into a cashmere wood”.

fresh CANNABIS SANTAL has bergamot, Brazilian orange, and black plum notes.
Source: fresh

“Ridiculously well-constructed and perfectly calibrated, technically and structurally.”

Chandler Burr, Department of Olfactory Art at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York

 The creator of New York’s Olfactory Art Department at the Museum of Arts and Design really likes that one. (Yes, there really is an olfactory art department at that museum. Just follow your nose.)

He said that cannabis cologne is “ridiculously well-constructed and perfectly calibrated, technically and structurally.” Plus, its better than just saying “it smells like weed”, right?

Cannabis Cologne Conclusion

What do you think? Are you ready to go out and buy a cannabis scent to splash on yourself? Is there someone you know who’d enjoy this? Maybe you’re thinking, “Hey! I can make my own at home and save a few bucks!”

Whether you’re into it or not, cannabis scents are here to stay. I think it’s a good thing. What say you?

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