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Odorless Cannabis is Coming. But, Do You Want It?

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by Dan Larkin.

Odorless cannabis is coming. But, do you actually want it? Time will tell if this new development in the cannabis industry is a hit or not.

CannabCo Pharmaceuticals, out of Brampton Ontario, Canada, says they’re going to produce “near odorless cannabis.” They’ll be creating their product through the exclusive use of secret technology from an unnamed tech partner.

What do you call odorless cannabis?

The CannabCo product is called PURECANN. It should be available in Canada once the new technology receives its license from Health Canada.

CannabCo created PureCann for the medical cannabis market. The goal was to make smoking cannabis less harsh for patients. Apparently, the plan makes the less harsh cannabis odorless, too.

“The technology when deployed eliminates much of the harshness of smoking cannabis in its dry form allowing the process of using cannabis far more tolerable while retaining the essential properties”.

Mark Novak, Cannabco’s COO

They wanted to eliminate all the coughing for patients. In the process, they eliminated most of the odor too.

So, I guess that’s great for patients and others who don’t like the aroma of cannabis. Good for them. It might even make cannabis smoking more socially acceptable. So, that’s a good thing, right?

Do you want odorless cannabis?

But, do you really want odorless cannabis? I mean, what about all those awesome terpenes that not only give cannabis its unique aromas but also provides benefits to your body and mind as well?

Isn’t odorless cannabis kind of like odorless bacon? Or flavorless wine? Isn’t the aroma part of the overall experience? Cannabis strains offer so many different smells. colors, textures, and flavors. It would be a shame to eliminate any of those attributes from the experience of consuming cannabis.


I guess ultimately, the market will decide if odorless cannabis is something we all want. Or, at least the Canadian market. So, bravo for CannabCo’s new PURECANN product. Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go fry up some bacon. Mmmm.

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