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New Zealand Woman’s Medical Cannabis Story

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A New Zealand Woman’s Medical Cannabis Story: A Cannabis In Real Life Reader Submission.

NOTE: “Sharlee” emailed us at to share her Cannabis In Real Life story. We chose to not use her full name to protect her identity.

new zealand woman medical cannabis
New Zealand has very restrictive laws governing access to medical cannabis.
I have Crohn’s disease, and as an informed cannabis grower/user have treated it with high strength sativa/indica hybrids made into suppositories.
This is something I have not heard a lot about and would like to know if others find relief from nausea and chronic pain.

It also helps with wasting and appetite stimulation. As pelvic inflammatory issues I had were treated with morphine suppositories I substituted these.
I can no longer afford cannabis prices so my condition is worsening, however, I have no wish to become addicted to opiates again.

Cannabis helped me stop opiates.

It is worrying as NZ (New Zealand) is very far behind in our education and destigmatizing around cannabis.

I also have severe anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and depression. I was raped at 5 and abused until 10. I drank alcohol, to pass out, at 9 but discovered sativa (and sativa dominant indica hybrids), I stopped drinking and began the lifelong struggle to afford to maintain a continuous supply of medicine as NO anti-depressants/anxiety meds work.

I am now 35. I know what strengths and strains I need.

A New Zealand Woman’s Medical Cannabis Story: A Cannabis In Real Life Reader Submission continues

How do I convince a NZ GP (doctor) to help me? Also, how do I trust that they won’t offer me a ridiculous product based on CBD?

In this country it is very hard to find a doctor who, in the 15 minutes they have, to listen.

I am worried about how NZs’ leading experts are viewing the patients own awareness of how they respond to cannabis.

Thank you,
New Zealand womans medical cannabis
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