Mother’s Agony as Epileptic Son Billy Caldwell Faces ANOTHER Medical Cannabis Setback

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Billy Caldwell’s story is well-known in the U.K. and, in fact, around the world. He’s the 13-year-old boy who’s epilepsy is so severe that it is life-threatening. His mother has been a fierce advocate for him and has helped get medical cannabis approved in the U.K., by sharing her son’s story.

But, now it turns out, he is once again being prevented from getting legal access to the medicine he desperately needs. In fact, it turns out that the number of patients who actually have gained access to medical cannabis remains very low. Read on to get the latest on Billy.

Billy’s mother Charlotte said: “My real fear is my little boy will end up in a life-threatening situation if his supply runs out. This is torture. I am absolutely crippled with dread, frightened and terrified for Billy.” […]

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