More Than Just THC: A Pharmacologist Looks at Marijuana’s Untapped Healing Compounds

More Than Just THC: A Pharmacologist Looks at Cannabis’ Untapped Healing Compounds

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“New research is revealing that cannabis is more than just a source of cannabinoids, chemicals that may bind to cannabinoid receptors in our brains, which are used to get high. The most well-known is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis is a particularly rich source of medicinal compounds that we have only begun to explore. In order to harness the full potential of the compounds in this plant, society needs to overcome misconceptions about cannabis and look at what research clearly says about the medical value.”

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states as of November 2018. Yet the federal government still insists marijuana has no legal use and is easy to abuse. In the meantime, medical marijuana dispensaries have an increasing array of products available for pain, […]

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