Michigan Could Expunge 235,000 Charges

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Michigan could expunge 235,000 cannabis charges under a bill to be introduced by Sen. Jeff Irwin (D). The Michigan Senate Bill 416 would automatically purge records low-level marijuana crimes.

What does the expungement mean?

That means that people arrested in the state for possession or use of a small amount of cannabis wouldn’t even need to file any paperwork. It would happen automatically.

“Automatic expungement for all of our lowest-level cannabis offenders allows people to move on with their lives and making it automatic is essential because many people can’t afford an attorney, or the legal fees associated with an application,” 

Sen. Jeff Irwin (D), Michigan

Michigan voters approved the legalization of cannabis in November of 2018. It became law in December of 2018. The law allows adults 21 or older to possess and use cannabis.

The Michigan laws that are still on the books make it very difficult to get records expunged. That’s because it takes a lot of time and a lot of money. That’s why this bill is so important. It would clear the records automatically, with no cost or time involved.

“This is the next step in ending the unsuccessful prohibition of marijuana that incarcerated and punished Michigan residents unfairly for decades. After last year’s mandate from voters, I am hopeful that a majority of legislators will vote to give Michigan residents back the opportunities that were unjustly taken from them.”

Sen. Jeff Irwin (D), Michigan

Sen. Irwin’s Michigan bill would expunge records for arrests for any amount of cannabis which is currently legal to possess or use. Plus, it would allow people to seek expungement for convictions for growing or possessing with the intent to distribute.

We’ll keep an eye on this story. We’ll also watch for more developments in other states across the country. The social justice issues surrounding cannabis are finally beginning to be addressed.

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