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Melissa Etheridge Opens Etheridge Farms Cannabis

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by Dan Larkin

Melissa Etheridge and her partners are launching Etheridge Farms. Santa Cruz County, CA has issued Etheridge Farms the first non-retail cannabis license in the county.

That means that the Oscar & Grammy-winning artist & her co-owners can proceed with their plans to open a 6,000 sq.ft. cannabis manufacturing and processing facility. The plant is located in Soquel, CA. Her business partners include her wife, Linda Wallem-Etheridgeand a local couple, Jozee Roberto & D’Angelo Roberto.

Etheridge Farms’ target market.

The plan is to market cannabis products to first-time cannabis users, especially middle-aged women.

“ I’ve got a keen direction toward middle aged women who are discovering, ‘Hey, I don’t want to take an Ambien every night. I don’t want to have to drink wine every night to relax, because I know those things aren’t good for my body.’”

Melissa Etheridge-Etheridge Farms

Melissa says they plan to launch their products in the spring of 2020. You can expect to see vape pens to tinctures, ointments, and boutique flower. Etheridge Farms will produce a range of high-end products infused with cannabis and a range of other plants. Those plants are chamomile, valerian, nettles, and arnica. They’re all known for their medicinal properties.

Melissa’s involvement in cannabis.

Melissa isn’t new to cannabis. She got involved 15 years ago. At that time she used it medicinally after chemotherapy for breast cancer.

“My eyes were wide-opened. I came out of chemotherapy saying, I want to be an advocate for this, I believe in this as medicine so deeply.”

Melissa Etheridge- Etheridge Farms

Now, she’s become a vocal advocate for cannabis. She even launched a cannabis-infused wine with a local Santa Crus cannabis company, That product was targeted at medical cannabis users. Now, the new venture, Etheridge Farms, plans to move into the adult-use (recreational) market in a big way.

“With Etheridge Farms, the idea is and always has been about wellness and medicine, and the idea of cannabis as medicine, I sometimes make people upset when I say I believe anyone using cannabis is using it medicinally whether they know it or not.”

Melissa Etheridge- Etheridge Farms

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