Meet 'CannAbuelo,' a Latino grandfather extolling the benefits of medical marijuana

Meet ‘CannAbuelo,’ a Latino Grandfather Extolling the Benefits of Medical Cannabis

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Jorge Gavilanes is 80 years old and has stage 4 prostate cancer. Originally from Ecuador, Gavilanes now lives in New York. After losing a lot of weight from surgery and cancer treatments, he took his grandson’s advice, reluctantly, and tried cannabis oil. He immediately regained his appetite and started sleeping better. His recovery was so dramatic that he now can’t help but to want to share what he’s learned about cannabis with others.  

“When your grandfather is told, ‘Yeah, you have six months or a year to live’ and he decides he doesn’t want to do chemo again, that he wants to enjoy whatever time he has left, he deserves to have the best quality of life he can,” Guerrero said. “Hopefully a lot more abuelos will start using cannabis after this film.”[…]

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