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Marijuana Mistake Takes the Cake. Employee Gets Iced.

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by Dan Larkin

A marijuana mistake really takes the cake as the oddest cannabis story so far this month. Oh, sure, we’ve all heard about the more than 30 cannabis plants found growing at the state capitol gardens in Vermont, right? Now that’s pretty funny. A practical joke, no doubt. But it doesn’t take the cake.

So, let’s turn our attention to Macon, GA and a Dairy Queen there. That’s where Cassandra Walker works. Walker, who’s a mother of two, probably dips a lot of cones, stirs up a bunch of blizzards, and for sure, decorates her share of ice cream cakes.

But, she recently took a phone order for an ice cream birthday cake from Kensli Taylor Davis’ mom. That’s when things got weird. First of all, Kensli’s mom was ordering the birthday cake for her 25-year-old daughter. Which is cool and all, but her mom ordered a “Moana” -themed cake for, again, a 25-year-old daughter! (Because she knows how much Kensli “loves Moana”.)

Recipe for a mistake cake.

Now, I’ve lived in the South. Specifically, in Texas and in Georgia. Being a Yankee, I will be the first to admit, the Southern accent can be tricky to understand sometimes. It took me months to understand what “mammer ennem chillern err goin to cherch” actually meant. (Roughly, translated: ” Mamma and them children are going to church.”) I am also fully aware that my Midwest twang and occasional “Yah, sure you betchya” can cause some confusion as well. But that’s neither here nor there.

The point is, a “Moana”-themed ice cream cake was ordered over the phone and Cassandra Walker took the order and went to work. Now let me tell you, she made a beautiful cake. She was artful, precise and even added little details to make it perfectly themed. The only problem was, well, it was not the right theme!

You see, Cassandra thought she heard Kensli’s mom order a “Marijuana“-themed cake. Not a “Moana”-themed cake. I’ll pause for a moment while you say both words out loud (or to yourself if you’re at work). Now, make sure you say it with a Southern accent. Oh, and think about how it would sound over a Dairy Queen phone.

See? It could happen, right? Well, it did happen and Cassandra went to work preparing to decorate a Marijuana-themed cake. Her supervisor watched her pull some marijuana artwork from the internet and even carried the box up front when it was done.

Take a look at this mistake cake!

It was quite a sight! There was, of course, a marijuana leaf decoration made from green icing, and a beautiful “My Little Pony” with a cannabis tattoo on its butt and blood-shot eyes. It was a cake any canna-consumer would have been proud to get on their birthday. But you see, Kensli is not a canna-consumer.

So, you can probably imagine the surprised look on her face when she arrived to get what she thought was a Moana cake! To her credit, she thought it was hilarious and actually took the cake even though Dairy Queen offered to make good with a correct cake. She later commented that was a really good cake! So, everything seemed to work out. End of story.

But wait, there’s more. Kensli went to social media to post a video and pics of her awesome marijuana cake mistake because, well, it was pretty funny, right?

Well, as often happens, the images went viral over the weekend and guess who got fired? Yup, Cassandra. Not the supervisor who oversaw her work and delivered the cake. Just Cassandra, the mother of two.

As that part of the story also went viral, the owners of the Dairy Queen reconsidered and quickly offered her job back to her, but she said no on the grounds of “unjust termination”.

So, the final layer of this marijuana mistake cake story is yet to be baked, but we’ll let you know if they settle this all, y’all. In the meantime, Cassandra is out of some dough and now you know that it is OK to have your mom order you a Disney cake, even if you are 25 years old!

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