Cannabis Experts Aren’t Buying Coroner’s Claims of ‘THC Overdose’ Death

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In February, a 39-year-old Louisiana woman was found dead on a sofa in her apartment. The local coroner found no obvious cause of death and ordered an autopsy, which came back with no conclusive information regarding a cause of death but, did show an elevated level of THC in the woman’s blood.

The coroner, Dr. Christy Montegut, then ruled THC overdose as the cause of death. And, he insists with “100 pecent” certainty that he is correct. This immediately drew the attention of, well, everyone everywhere because never in the recorded history of the world has anyone ever died from a THC overdose. In fact, cannabis experts will insist it isn’t even possible.

While Montegut insists “100 percent” certainty in his cause of death assessment, the New Orleans-area publication says they spoke with multiple doctors who repeated the longstanding stat of approximately zero people ever having died by marijuana. […]

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