Man sues Albertsons, claims he was wrongfully fired over medical marijuana

Man Sues Albertsons, Claims He Was Wrongfully Fired Over Medical Cannabis

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After one hour of training, Tom Lee was assigned to drive a forklift on his job at an Albertson’s warehouse in Tolleson, AZ. He had an accident where no one was injured. Per company policy, he submitted to a urine analysis on-site.
He showed his supervisor his medical marijuana card beforehand and reminded them that AMMA prohibits employers from discriminating against medical marijuana users. But the suit says Lee had THC metabolites in his system, so he promptly got fired, anyway.

“He doesn’t bring it to work. He doesn’t show up high,” his attorney Joshua Carden said. “Tom knows the rules. He’s known them ever since he got the card and he follows them strictly because the stakes are too high.” […]

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