Legal Cannabis Sparks Curiosity in People Who Haven’t Used It in Years – or Ever

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Canada legalized adult-use of cannabis in October of 2018. Now that retail stores have opened for business, baby boomers and seniors are coming back to cannabis or for some, trying it for the first time.

Sometimes people still want to stick with CBD, but for those who are willing to try cannabis containing THC, the mind-altering ingredient, staff guide them toward lower-dose products and advise them to start slow and enjoy their experience, he said.

Customers have said they’ve been waiting for it to be legal and they’re tired of drinking too much alcohol at night, Babins said.

“They have a whole bottle of wine after dinner instead of a glass of wine with dinner,” he said. “A lot are just saying, ‘I have too much stress and I’ve been dealing with it the wrong way.’ ”


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