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Top 10 Reasons Americans Use Legal Cannabis

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There are a lot of reasons to want legal cannabis in America. You probably have your own reasons and they may differ from your neighbors, and that’s okay. Here at Cannabis In Real Life, we think it’s a pretty amazing plant and it has a lot to offer.

Nielsen, a company that you may have heard of due to their TV ratings system, also provides a ton of data and analytics about all kinds of consumer habits and preferences. This time they took a look at adult (21+) consumers and their reasons for using cannabis if it were legal.

So, if it were legally available, U.S. adults (age 21+) would consume cannabis for the following reasons (according to the Nielsen research):

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But wait, there’s more!

By and large, those first six reasons kind of sound like the kind of answers you’d give to a law enforcement officer if you got caught with cannabis. You know. “Ah, yes officer. I only have this cannabis to control the pain in my back.” Or maybe, “No officer, this is legal cannabis and I’m using it for a “non-medical” issue.”

So, for the most part, so far, you’re seeing pretty good, straightforward reasons. But, as we get into reasons 8-10 you begin to see the kind of answers that one might have expected to hear from those consumers who have been, well, consuming for a while already. (see below)

While legal cannabis for all is a ways off yet, it’s still fun to see what other people would be doing with it. Keep in mind these are only the Top 10 reasons. We here at Cannabis In Real Life could easily come up with a dozen more. How about you?

What are your reasons for wanting to consume cannabis? Or, maybe your top 3 reasons. Share your Cannabis In Real Life answer with us. Email us or use our handy Contact or Comment Form below.

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