Presidential Candidate Gillibrand Would Legalize Cannabis and Make it Less Expensive for Some

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There are more than 20 Democrats running for president. Many of them support various forms of national legalization of cannabis for adults. One of those candidates is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). SHe recently released her comprehensive plan for swiping reforms regarding cannabis policy and laws. Among the many highlights, Gillibrand would look for all health insurance companies to cover medical cannabis treatment. Read on to find out more about her positions on cannabis.

“Millions of Americans seek medical marijuana to treat chronic or severe pain — often in an effort to avoid prescription opioids — but access is limited by insurance coverage and availability of medical marijuana dispensaries, even in states where medical marijuana is legal,” Gillibrand writes. “We should be expanding patients’ access to treatment they need, especially when it helps reduce addiction to dangerous medications.”[…]

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