Irish Mom: Medical Cannabis Law is ‘Life-Changing’

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by Dan Larkin

An Irish mom says a new medical cannabis law is life-changing for her son.

Most of this past week’s attention has been on Illinois’ landmark legalization of adult use cannabis. Meanwhile, Ireland was making history by finally launching a medical cannabis program.

On Wednesday, Irish Health Minister Simon Harris signed legislation allowing the operation of the Medical Cannabis Access Programme on a pilot basis for five years.

“This is about the prescribing decisions that are made by doctors in our hospitals when they meet patients in relation to certain conditions. So we took our time to get this right, and I think we have.”

Simon Harris, Minister of Health- Ireland

Meet Noreen and her son, Michael.

This new legislation is music to the ears of an Irish mom, Noreen O’Neill, who lives in Wilton, Cork. She said the move will give the gift of quality of life to her son, Michael, who turns three in August.

Noreen O’Neill and son, Michael-Source: Facebook

You see, Michael has a severe form of epilepsy that causes severe, frequent seizures. For the first 16 months of his life, he couldn’t sit up, reach, roll, smile or lift his arms, legs or head. Michael couldn’t even swallow properly and was at risk of drowning on his own saliva. He was fed through a tube in his nose. they tried medications but nothing worked. Then they tried CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD to the rescue.

CBD oil worked miracles for Michael. Since he began taking it he hasn’t had a single emergency room visit. But, it was illegal in Ireland. As Michael grew he required a CBD/THC combination to be effective. But, obviously, that too was illegal in Ireland.

So, his mom took matters into her own hands. She traveled internationally to obtain the CBD/THC oil and smuggled it back into Ireland for her son. Then she got caught. Noreen said she felt like a criminal after security at Dublin Airport seized her son’s THC medicinal cannabis last December.

Irish mom says a new medical cannabis law is life-changing for her son.

That why this breakthrough legislation is so important. It legalizes medical cannabis for the treatment of only a handful of conditions but, Michael’s severe form of epilepsy qualifies.

Just when we thought we were in reach of it, it got pushed back, and it seemed for a long time that nothing was happening. But today is a great day.

Noreen O’Neill- Michael’s mom.

Noreen said she was just one of many moms who pleaded with the government to legalize medical cannabis and that this development is a “great day” for all of them.

“So many people deserve praise and thanks for what’s happened. As long as you’re fighting for the right thing, the tables will always turn your way.”

Noreen O’Neill

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