In 2018, U.S. Consumers Ordered Cannabis Every 8 Seconds

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Consumers are ordering cannabis every 8 seconds and the fastest-growing segment of buyers are Baby Boomers. Veterans are also flocking to cannabis in rapidly growing numbers. Women are also one of the fastest- growing segments of the population making purchases.

According to the cannabis delivery clearinghouse company Eaze .com, ” consumers placed a cannabis order every 8 seconds in 2018. ” This information can be found in Eaze’s 2018 State of Cannabis Report . The report also tells us that many of those consumers were Baby Boomers. Eaze’s report […]

Do you live in a state or country where you can order cannabis? Are you a Baby Boomer, veteran, or woman who has decided to buy cannabis? We love to hear your Cannabis In Real Life experience. Share in the comments below or email us a:

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