I Started Using CBD Oil Every Day—and This Is How It Changed My Life

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“CBD is amazing, right? How is it that we hadn’t even heard of it until a year ago?” That’s a conversation heard over and over again all across the world as more and more people are finding ways to incorporate CBD (cannabidiol) into their lives. And, there are a lot of ways to incorporate it.

But, what about using it every day for a month? Is that excessive? Will the results continue or is it just a “placebo effect”? What kind should you take? Will you need to up your dosage? Will you need to reduce your dosage? Read on after the link to see what it did for one woman. (Your individual results will vary, of course.)

CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation, improve sleep, bring a sense of calm, and boost energy. Better sleep, energy for workouts, and a compliment from my husband make it all worthwhile. I’m not well-schooled in the ways of cannabis—figuring out what is CBD took some time. I don’t […]

Are you new to daily use of CBD? Have you been using CBD daily for a month or longer? We’d like to hear about your Cannabis In Real Life experience with it. Email us your story here. Or, use our Contact Form or Comments Section below.

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