I spent a day delivering weed in Los Angeles—here’s what it was like and how much money you can make

Ride Along: A Day in the Life of a Cannabis Delivery Driver

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California is one of 10 states in the US where adult use of cannabis is legal. Even before it became legal for adult use, medicinal cannabis laws had been on the books there since the 1990’s. There are now a wide range of businesses popping up to support the industry too. Cannabis delivery is one of those businesses and it’s one that’s growing rapidly. Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a cannabis delivery person was really like? Well, here’s your chance to find out. (Get the full story by clicking the link below.)

SpeedWeed has a lot of celebrity clients, including several stand-up comedians. In general, the clientele is more affluent, Breese tells me, “just because delivery can be a little more expensive.” Products cost more if you have them delivered instead of going into the store; plus, there’s an $8 delivery fee if your order is under $40.

The delivery service also appeals to people who aren’t comfortable going into a pot shop. “There’s a lot of soccer mom types who just don’t want to go into a dispensary,” says Breese. “It can be intimidating.”

Another significant chunk of their clients are people who can’t leave their homes for medical reasons, he adds. […]

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