‘I Shouldn’t Have to Look Over my Shoulder’: Carly’s Fight for Medicinal Cannabis

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Carly Barton is willing to break the law to get the medicine she needs. She suffered a stroke at age 24 and developed fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition that kept her bed-ridden for nearly 6 years. Doctors in the UK plied her with opioids and fentanyl patches but nothing worked.

Then she tried cannabis. That’s when she found the medicine she needed. But, she lives in the UK where access to medicinal cannabis is as difficult as it is in many parts of the US. So, she made the same choice many Americans make for themselves or their children. Break the law.

‘I was just breathing and trying to get to the next lot of painkillers.’ Carly Barton winces when she talks about the pain: “A ridiculous amount of all-over pain – it just feels like you’re burning from the inside out, like my bones […]

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